Brenton Manser

A brief history
Ever since I discovered the history of the first 'Mansers', in my line, who arrived in Australia in 1839, I have had a love for Australian history, heritage and culture.
During the 1990s I worked as a soloist doing cover shows and I had some success in the Country Music genre, winning best male vocal in the state competitions at Barmera in 1995. In that same year I recorded a song I had written in 1992 called 'Ballad of the Bay' which was the story of the Cray fishing industry in Port McDonnell, as I saw it, growing up in and around the town in the 1970s.
'Ballad of the Bay' was nominated for a SAMI (South Australian Music Industry) award in the same year.
It became clear in the end that the style of my writing did not fit comfortably in the local country music scene so I wandered off in my own direction to see where my music would take me.
In the year 2000 I took my family on a tour of Australia in a bus I converted to a mobile home. I picked up shows wherever I could and this paid our way around. During that trip, I so enjoyed being an 'Ambassador' for Australia in story and song that the future direction of my music was cemented.

I continued cover shows performing a large variety of musical genres until 2002 when I landed a permanent part-time job as manager of a group accommodation facility in Nelson where we (i.e. my wife and three sons and I) currently reside.
This was perfect timing as my children were getting older and needed me around more and it was time to make the change from cover shows to establishing my own works.
From the year 2002 I have continued writing about my favourite subject and wherever possible I perform these songs and tell the stories.
I have a backing group called 'The Vanguard' and we are currently performing my originals wherever we are invited.
I performed professionally for a total of 9 years. I have been actively involved in the music scene for over 30 years.
Music career highlights
1986- Recorded and released a gospel album (vinyl) called 'This Generation'
1995 - Winner of 'Best Male Vocal' Country Music State Awards
         - Recorded 'Ballad of the Bay' which was nominated for a SAMI award          - Wrote and recorded (live in the ABC5MG radio station) a song called 'Australia Remembers' which was featured on ABC during the 50 years commemoration of VP day.
1996/7- Two lead roles in local theatre musicals
1996-2008(13years) Hosted and performed at the official Australia Day Breakfast in Mt Gambier
1998- Invited to perform at the inaugural 'Mayoral Gala Performance'
1999- Wrote a song about a local shipwreck called the 'Admella' which was recorded live in the ABC5MG radio station and featured all week during the 140th anniversary of the event.
2000- Wrote and recorded a song called 'South Latitude 38' commemorating 200 years since the sighting and naming of Mt Gambier by Lt. James Grant. (Commissioned by the local city and district councils)- Created a film clip with WIN TV local.
2003- Wrote and recorded 'Fishing is No 1'
2004- Invited to perform again at the Mayoral Gala Performance         - Formed 'Brenton Manser and The Vanguard' directly after the Gala
2005- Came seventh in the National Song writing Competition- 'Spirit of Australia' section with 'Fishing is No 1'
        - Recorded three original songs live in the ABC5MG radio station (BM and The Vanguard) which were featured over three weeks by well known radio presenter Stan Thomson

2008- Directed and produced the one hour film documentary 'The Wreck of the Admella' which includes the song I wrote and other incidental music I composed.
Recorded the 'Forty Eight Two One Five', which was uploaded to the National ABC Radio sound bank in time for the 60th anniversary of the making of that car. The 48/215 played on ABC radio around the country.
2009- Local launch of the film documentary 'The Wreck of the Admella'